St. Pugnacious by Sue Brightly and more art by Sue Brightly

St. Pugnacious by Sue Brightly

A blurb from August 2020's Brightly Visions, by Sue Brightly:

"A lot of people say my paintings are cute or whimsical. And sometimes they are. But I invite you to look a little closer. A lot of times there's something else going on. When I get an idea for painting it's often because something is troubling me. Sometimes I don't even realize it until I'm deep into the painting. Ideas start falling into place as I layer on the colors; insights take shape along with the painting.

I like to paint animals and trees and nature. They just seem to be the frequencies I'm tuned into. I feel viewing our human experiences in the guise of animals can provide a fresh perspective compared to seeing a human in a painting. I hope my paintings give you a pause to think, to imagine, or simply to enjoy.”

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