The Ithaca College Library presents, Ithaca College in the Downtown Era

The Ithaca College Library presents, Ithaca College in the Downtown Era

From September 2020 Gallery Night from CAP ArtSpace: Ithacans may know Ithaca College by its dual towers at the top of South Hill, but that’s just part of the story. In actuality, the South Hill campus has only been the home to Ithaca College for the last 55 years. Prior to 1965, Ithaca College was located in downtown Ithaca.

In this exhibit, we’ll explore photographs of some of the buildings that comprised Ithaca College and its previous incarnations.

Ithaca College began in 1892 as the Ithaca Conservatory of Music by local musician, W. Grant Egbert. The Conservatory grew during the following decades and was joined by affiliated schools: the Williams School of Expression and Dramatic Art(1898), the Ithaca Institute of Public Music (1910), the Ithaca School of Physical Education (1916), and the Conway Military Band School (1921). In 1926, the Ithaca Conservatory and Affiliated Schools (ICAS) was licensed by New York State to grant baccalaureate degrees, and in 1931 all of the school merged to become Ithaca College.

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