Paths and Edges #13 and more art by Richard Serra

Paths and Edges #13, 2007
60 x 90 cm (h x w)
etching on paper
not for sale
[Des Moines Art Center Permanent Collections; Gift of the Des Moines Art Center Print Club, 2010.111]

(Gift Print, 2010)

During the 1970s, Richard Serra emerged as one of the most intellectual, vocal, and controversial figures in the public art movement. His massive rusted metal plates precariously balanced against each other, his curved and tilted steel arcs placed across a city square, and his rugged quarried stone markers set up confrontations with an American public accustomed to more digestible and less challenging sculpture. In his prints and drawings, Serra seems to be able to summon the passion and force equal to that with which he makes his sculpture. His drawn forms literally have weight and presence, and the surfaces of his etchings are ruggedly embossed.

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