Corruption of Medusa and more art by Bridgette Donelan

Corruption of Medusa, 2020
13 x 13 inch (h x w)

Is it truly a curse to be able to destroy the male gaze? Medusa famously turned those who looked upon her to stone, taking away the power they held over her. I’ve had people say things such as my body not being a safe space for me, but sometimes I wonder if it’s that I just know the world isn’t a safe space for me and by extension my body. We cannot escape the gaze, we cannot escape objectification, it is so ingrained in our society that one has to be taught that this way of existence isn’t what should be the norm. Body positivity is great, but what needs to be pushed is body neutrality. That the body isn’t worth so much, that it is just essentially a vessel for our minds, our spirits.

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other works by Bridgette Donelan

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