Anchana Heemina Founder and Director, Duay Jai Group, Pattani and more art by Luke Duggleby

Anchana Heemina Founder and Director, Duay Jai Group, Pattani, 2020

Anchana Heemina didn’t set out to become a prominent human rights defender—rather, she came to activism in 2008, when her brother-in-law was detained by security forces for his alleged involvement with the insurgency in Thailand's Muslim-majority Southern provinces. It was then that Anchana became familiar with the dire injustices experienced by local detainees and their families. Together with her sister, Anchana founded the Duay Jai Group, with the mission of educating and counseling victims of torture and other grave human rights violations and their families. Aside from empowering individuals to know their rights and providing essential rehabilitation services, the Group runs programmes in conflict resolution and peace-building, including in coordination with local government institutions for the purposes of building trust between members of local communities and authorities.

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