Sanhawan (Kay) Srisod (ICJ) engages with workshop participants. and more art by Luke Duggleby

Sanhawan (Kay) Srisod (ICJ) engages with workshop participants., 2020

Reflecting on a recent workshop on methods of investigation, Ms. Sanhawan "Kay" Srisod notes that the APT’s work in Thailand significant because of the ways in which it empowers “at-risk” persons, making them aware of their rights in case of arrest or questionin by authorities—thus enabling them to stand up for their rights and duly challenge any unlawful practices. She also notes the important ability of the APT, as an international NGO with strong domestic-level partnerships across different sectors and institutions in Thailand, to support and promote the work of local, often long-established, civil society groups working to support victims of torture and their families.

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