Aligning The Soul and more art by Akil Apollo Davis

Aligning The Soul
3.5 x 8.5 inch (h x w)
USD 1 500
Wood Carving & Paint (60 coats)
for sale


"Only 3 humans on Earth practice this form of Mask making. First the image of Mask is drawn by artist Akil Apollo Davis during deep meditation to channel the intention into the mask. Next, the image is given to a Balinese High Priest, called a Brahman. The process follows the sacred and labor intensive proceeds of traditional Balinese Mask making. However, the Brahman has asked to remain nameless.
Finally, the mask is painted with over 30 coats of white paint to give it protection and texture, then another 30 coats of color to bring the robust colors to life, and finally a fine gloss to protect it from finger prints. The Mask is carved and painted following the cycle of the Moon!

This mask is a one of one.

The Mask is created and designed specifically to bring souls-alignment and grounding to the wearer. Imagine a divine lightning bolt traveling across the sky! It is bright and twisting in many directions. Now, provide a way for that lightening bolt to straighten, ground into Mother Earth, clear all unnecessary energies, and vibrate and resonate with its own power from a very centered and peaceful place.
That is the function of this Mask.
The science of the Mask is in the fact that you have more the 5 Senses. According to the Egyptians you have more than 130 senses! And one, is the bodies ability to sense and align with powerful images. This, this mask will have an impact on any human that wears it.
Purchasing this Mask will also entitle you to 3 private sessions. These sessions will guide you in understanding and using the mask!"

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