Through the Looking Glass and more art by Aloria Weaver

Through the Looking Glass
24 x 20 inch (h x w)
Oil & Egg Tempera on Canvas
not for sale

In Private Collection, Giclée Prints Available

Through the Looking Glass is my offering of grief and praise, and most of all, of gratitude.. it is a tribute to a life lived from the heart, with curiosity, creativity, devotion and determination. Binah gazes intently into the looking glass, a shimmering orb, a mirror, a world within worlds, intent on what lies beyond the threshold; arms stretched overhead, reaching for her higher self, striving toward the next challenge. Her physical body dissolves into stardust as she embarks on the greatest transition of all.
The Portal above her head represents the opening of the Divine Mind and Third Eye through the goddess portal of Venus. The green portal bursting from her chest is the opening of the Anahata Heart chakra through the resonance of the Earth’s dance around the Sun, commonly referred to as the “Om Tone”: a universally recognizable vibration intuitively discovered by cultures across the globe.

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