Blue Medicine Buddha and more art by Rosie (Eileen

Blue Medicine Buddha
24 x 24 inch (h x w)

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ORIGINAL SOLD, Sold Giclée canvas prints and paper prints and stickers available

This acrylic painting is of the Blue Medicine Buddha, the Buddha of Healing. A small colored pencil version of this image came to me during a CoSM Art church. Shortly after that we found ourselves in quarantine and I will a knee injury. Thanks to Amanda Sage and the creation of the Vision Train, I had more time to dedicate to healing and painting. This was a huge transition from my active outdoor and social life. It was through the creation of this healing deity, along with chanting the Blue Medicine chant while I painted it, that I found myself moving from fear and sadness, to healing, centering, joy and Regenaissance and with the birthing of the Vision Train global art jam, we knew that even though we were alone, we were together as a community. We transported ourselves on the train in our little train cars into a loving group of supportive friends all determined to hold benevolent visions for better future. May a blanket of healing for our bodies, minds and spirits cover our planet. This painting is now sold but I have beautiful high quality prints on archival paper as well as gorgeous Giclée canvas prints available in various sizes.

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