Crystalline Dream and more art by Florence Ménard

Crystalline Dream
19.6 x 27.5 inch (h x w)
Mischtechnik on Gesso Board
not for sale

Original NFS / Prints available on demand
Artist's Email

"The subject of this painting comes from a beautiful dream I had a few years ago.
I recently journeyed on the painting... it’s amazing how much insight and messages we can receive once we take the time to listen. Just focussing, putting great music on the headphones, and letting myself travel.
As I journeyed on this piece, my gaze went from the Egg of Feminine Power to the Lovers connecting deeply, to the Magician of the Crystals who told me that I had to give unconditional love to the crystals, that’s the way they will give their healing power back. So I followed his advice and activated all the crystals in this painting…
Then I was invited to join the crystalline fairies who are healing with rose quartz and pure crystal. My gaze went up to the little figure reaching out to the White Phoenix who invited me to jump on his back to go to the temples in the background. There, amongst the temples was a fountain, full of healing crystals that my friends and I had to activate with our unconditional love. Once all the crystals were shining bright, we put them back in the water of the fountain and jumped into the bright water of the fountain, feeling the effect of this healing Watery Light…
THIS… is the HEALING POWER of PAINTING…I invite you the journey with me on this piece…
HAPPY TRANSITION into the non-ordinary realms… Happy REGENAISSANCE into the Crystalline Dream!"

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