Mona's Dream and more art by Helena Arturaleza

Mona's Dream
27.5 x 27.5 inch (h x w)
1 500 EUR
Oil painted on digital photo-collage
for sale

"Mona’s dream is the soul portrait of Ruth Mona Cobalt from Australia. Who is a sacred activist and an advocate for nature’s and indigenous rights.  

‘Your dreams of a more beautiful world are not a product of childish fantasy, nor idle imagination. They are true spiritual visions inspired by universal heart that yearns for divine paradise to be manifested in all worlds. You have a life purpose to assist in the creation of divine harmony in the world, trough sacred activism and the expression of your souls talents. Believe that the beautiful world you long for is not only possible, but part of your spiritual responsibility to create. 
Reference: earth worriers Oracle. By Alana Fairchild 

This artwork is a digital photo-collage of Photos that I’ve taken during my journey in Australia. I printed the collage on canvas to paint on top. This experiment touched my spark into a flame and a burning fire is inside of me, I want to create art in this way! It is a great way to collaborate with humans and nature and to bring forth natures wonders and the beauty of humans in the way I want to. I have felt a block in painting the way I did, because I want to create faster and with a more beautiful result. So this way of working allows me to work from my flow, to go out in the world, gather photo references of nature and the beautiful connections in my life. And bring them back to the canvas with my unique touch of color and vibration trough the brush. This artwork is a personal transition and as well a transition of our dream in manifesting the beautiful world our hearts know is possible. "

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