Reaching Out and more art by Joe Phillips

Reaching Out
36 x 24 inch (h x w)
GBP 1 000
Acrylic and Charcoal
for sale

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"Reaching out

Distractions. distractions everywhere
The world between, chaotic yet bare
High rise temples of dispirited art
Draw Apathetic hearts

And to them I say

You can’t ken your missing friend
A rift you know not, yet to Mend
Slide into silence as you respire
In submission you’ll find your fire.

I’m reaching out through broken ground
We’ve got work to do
Address the guilt of ages lost
Bring shadow to the moon

I’m reaching out to forge anew
Take this hand that grants a chance
To reconnect and be fulfilled
Let’s court ecstatic dance

I’m reaching out
To heal the eyes
So we may all bear witness
To highest truth:
We’re all as one
Fractals of the spirit

I’m reaching out
To hear the cry
From Mother Earth
To father Sky
Let’s Bridge the span
Become a link
And realise
We’re What We Think

I’m reaching out
I’m reaching out
I’m reaching out

Thanks for taking a moment to check out my piece, completed over the last 10 months, all done in the loving embrace of this wonderful community. Huge gratitude for every inspiring crew member that coaxed my creative fire and inspired grounded artistic action during these crazy times. 25% of all sales to be donated to keeping the Vision Train on the tracks and 25% to be donated to All Hands On Deck, to help deliver visionary ideals to South Wales"

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