Wheel of Fortune and more art by Krisztina Lazar

Wheel of Fortune
24 x 14 inch (h x w)
USD 1 200
mische technique
Oil and egg tempera on canvas
for sale

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This is my version of the Wheel of Fortune Tarot card from the Tarot de Marseille. The Wheel of Fortune in modern tarot is associated with the planet Jupiter, the Great Benefic, and there's the general idea that while things always change, something good is coming around the corner. Prior to the 19th century before those associations were added to the tarot, the Wheel of Fortune referred to the whims and fancies of Fortuna, the Goddess of Fate. The Wheel, which is a Catherine wheel or breaking wheel, a favorite torture device of the 16th century, was shown being spun by Fortuna or the Devil himself, bringing ideas of samsara to mind. Here I depict the chimeras from the original Tarot de Marseille card in the process of becoming and dissolving, the ever revolving process of life and death, of breathing in and out. At the very top, the creature is in full manifestation, a sphinx in full possession of Their intellect and unconscious, crowned with understanding. At the very bottom of wheel opposite, we see nothingness, the void of being from which everything goes and from which everything arises. The snake at the very bottom of the painting leads the viewer into these mysteries, guiding us to see the Wheel's message: we die and are reborn every moment of every day. This life is fleeting. Live fully and know that you are alive.

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