In Bloom and more art by Krystleyez

In Bloom
36 x 24 inch (h x w)
USD 8 500
acrylic on canvas
for sale

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“In Bloom”

Reaching out of the fertile depths of the void, light radiates into a multitude of unique expressions. Translucent shapes and symmetries unfold into a complex web of connections. Color spectrums burst through the darkness as rays of insight, hope and transformation. New life takes form from within a field of prismatic potential.

At the center of the painting, an Echeveria succulent unfolds its luscious rosette out of the “Flower of Life,” representing fertility, growth and the expansion of higher consciousness. The “Flower of Life” is a sacred geometric pattern composed of intersecting circles (or spheres), in which the center of each circle is connected to the center of every other. Aligning different points within this energetic grid forms the basic building blocks of matter, classically known as the platonic solids. These sacred geometric patterns symbolize the interconnectedness of life, the harmony found within nature and seeds for our conscious evolutionary growth.

“In Bloom” is an invitation to contemplate our deeper connection to All That Is, to coexist in harmony with each other and nature, and to embody the fullness of our unique, creative potential. We each hold powerful seeds of change within us and we have the ability to cultivate healthy solutions for the healing & regeneration of Earth, humanity and generations to come.

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