World to Come and more art by Natalie Dixon

World to Come
23.6 x 19.7 inch (h x w)
oils on linen
not for sale

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Begun around Beltane 2020, as spring flowered into summer, and completed in winter, in rare London snow: a painting that celebrates the transition from wounding to strength, and the resurgence of sexual and creative fires. Yep, that IS a sperm meteor shower. Yep, that fire IS where you think it is. Partly inspired by The Star Tarot card, ‘World to Come’ blends traditional and personal symbols in an expression of hope. The spear on the ground and the scar on the chest both represent the ‘speared’ sensation of grief and a previous loss of power and life - but the spear is out, the wound is healing, and the figure is crouched, ready to stand, the snake of rebirth and sexual power coiled around her arm, and a Phoenix feather in the water at her feet.

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