Ode to the New Year and more art by Francine Tint

Ode to the New Year, 2020
46 x 49 inch (h x w)
Acrylic on canvas

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other works by Francine Tint

Francine Tint
7.1 x 38 inch (h x w)

Color Out of Space, 2019
43 x 52.5 x 1 inch (h x w x d)
acrylic on canvas

Velvet Explosion, 2018
23 x 27 inch (h x w)
acrylic on canvas

Crucifixion, 2017
52 x 40 inch (h x w)
Acrylic on canvas

Sugar Mountain, 2016
53 x 67 inch (h x w)
acrylic on canvas


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