Don’t Let the Stickman Win and more art by Kelly Sterr

Don’t Let the Stickman Win, 2021
not for sale

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Kelly Sterr
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Don’t Let the Stickman Win
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As soon as the parameter were given, a doodle on an envelope was created. Because of the struggle to get my art career going, I am in constant battle with the stickman telling me I suck and that people only tell me they like my art because they don’t want to hurt my feelings. This is a reminder to let my inner cheerleader be a dominant force. This is an acrylic I placed inside a shadow box. The stickman splat is painted on the inner side of the glass. So viewer is looking into my studio through the window. Although not for sale(since this is me), I would be open to do commissions for anyone battling stickman who needs one to hang in their studio as a reminder not to let the stickman win. My website is kellysterrgallery .com

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