Bulb Bubble PInk and more art by Ambre Kelly

Bulb Bubble PInk, 2021

Ambre Kelly

I love the underdog. It’s undeniably a great story of someone struggling through obstacles only to overcome triumphantly for some fateful reward or boon. Usually the underdog is challenged with these obstacles for going against the norms, creating chaos and doubt amongst those who believe in the dominant institutionalized traditions. The Still Life is the underdog, considered for many centuries the lowest genre on the art history hierarchical rung, however ultimately quite desirable amongst certain circles. Inspired by the mundane daily objects with which we surround ourselves, I love the simplicity of the curated objects and their symbolism.

This series of digital paintings of Still Lifes harkens back to the great tulip mania during the Dutch Golden Age, when society became obsessed with tulip bulbs, deemed an exotic luxury. For two months in 1636-37, tulip bulb prices inflated exorbitantly due to the craze, leading to what is considered the first great financial bubble.

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