Isolation and more art by Linda Behar

Isolation, 2021

Through my work I explore contradictions, focusing on body language and body shape. Within my research I found a study made by the U.S. government in 1940 which standardized women’s bodies, in it you can clearly see the expectations that society places on women’s appearances which starkly contradict a sense of self.
To understand human behavior is imperative to see it as a whole. In my work, I concentrate on body language and poses as my main theme of consideration. Body language gives a visual form to identity and enhances the visual aesthetics of communication, in other words, when observed, you are what you perform. One of my goals is to create images that echo the past, confront the present and embrace a future.

My process started with a video game software (Poser11) in which I designed the woman body, finish the image in photoshop and cut the wooden plate in a laser cutting machine and printed the image over paper in a traditional press. As a printmaking artist I'm trying to expand my horizons and I I'm digitalizing the print and explore new way of seeing the artwork.

This piece "Isolation" was conceptualized to be an installation piece in which the prints (500 tiles) and the two videos will create an immerse experience. When I saw the opportunity to be part of the NFT world proposal I applied.

exhibited by:

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