Cave Painting (28/03/2021) and more art by Matthew Plummer-Fernandez

Cave Painting (28/03/2021), 2021

Matthew Plummer-Fernandez

Plummer Fernández's interest in the interrelation of algorithmic systems, popular culture, and contemporary issues form a varied body of work influenced by the traditions of Generative Art, Critical Design, and Internet Art. His work has been exhibited extensively, and commissioned by institutions including the Victoria & Albert Museum and Somerset House in London, AND Festival in Manchester, and ZKM in Karlsruhe. He is in the permanent collection of Centre Pompidou, Paris.

THis work is an artwork in the ongoing Cave Painting Series. The Cave Paintings are produced by a custom neural network system that projects visions onto imaginary caves.

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Armageddon Yacht, 2021
50 x 40.9 inch (h x w)

Sad Clown 01, 2020
30 x 30 inch (h x w)
Digital painting

Adora Smiling, 2020
30 x 30 inch (h x w)
digital video

Holism, 1999-2021
Audiovisual NFT

My Nature, 2021
48 x 48 inch (h x w)
Unique Solar Plate etching on Arches paper with ink
oil paint and oil pastel. 33 x33 inches.


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