Automated Digital Photo Collage of Horse Stable on 38th Street and more art by Tommy Mintz

Automated Digital Photo Collage of Horse Stable on 38th Street, 2021

Tommy Mintz

I am interested in the rapid pace of construction, displacement, and efforts of preservation, both in the physical world and the digital world, where there are interesting parallels in our anxiety of the increasing amount of information being retained or, possibly worse, lost.

I’m interested in our evolving tension with the digital world - particularly digital photography and its effect on our understanding of ourselves. How do our individual memory and collective understanding change through spending increasing amounts of time interacting with digital images? By using algorithmic photography in both the landscape and street traditions, I hope to raise questions of our understanding, perception, and memory of contemporary spaces. One photograph describes a place in a moment of time. Combining multiple photographs into a single image can convey the passage of time in a place. Many notable artists meticulously stitch photographs together into a seamless illusion of an extended moment. I am interested in the seams that arise when combining images algorithmically instead of by hand. The decisions the algorithms come to are different and strange things are included in the image that a human would not decide to include. Where the incongruities arise, there are interesting new forms created, natural to the digital image. As a born and raised New Yorker, these days of increased construction and the radical change in the urban landscape has made me ever more aware of the fleeting moments of place. I am fascinated with the similar incongruities of the physical world, and in this process express that fascination.

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