Una Notte A Napoli-Luna Sea Video and more art by Giovanna Sun

Una Notte A Napoli-Luna Sea Video, 2021

Giovanna Sun
Una Notte A Napoli-Luna Sea Video, time-based NFT, 2021
Artist: Dubwoman AKA Giovanna Sun

Sun graduated from Cinema Studies and studied interior design, starting her own firm in Taipei (featured in Elle magazine in 2010, restaurant of the year).

Her creative ideas come from the ancient world and science fiction movies, and are often inspired by song lyrics.

Art is everywhere, art is my life, I want to create all types of art, recently, I start to experience NFT art and create digital art, I use vintage public domain images from Metropolitan museum and mix with modern technology elements, I use Ethereum, and other internet meme and pop songs to put together with abstract expression style.

Una Notte a Napoli is part of a collection inspired by the Italian love song Una Notte A Napoli. The song tells the story of a girl who met an angel without wings. The angel nevertheless “took her to heaven,” but ended up breaking her heart. She looks up from the earth and resigns never to love again.

Sun imagines that we will live in the water in the future, our space is the space under the sea and overlapped with space, and our memory can last forever.

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