Esthesia 0.1 and more art by Tyler Hobbs

Esthesia 0.1, 2021

Tyler Hobbs
Esthesia 0.1
Generative artwork by Tyler Hobbs. 1 of 1, of 32 distinct iterations from the same program.

This generative program was heavily inspired by the abstract expressionist painters, particularly Joan Mitchell. Her wild, vibrant mark making had an undeniable energy, and was a visibly direct capture of expression via paint. Working generatively, I don't have the option of expression "in the moment" in that same way, but instead, must look for programmatic output that captures the spirit of what I was hoping to express.

The style of this work was also was inspired by Lichtenstein's stylized "brush stroke" works, in the sense that it plays with a caricature of real paint. Certainly a generative program is no longer working with real paint, but it is interesting to see how the essence of that material is translated and warped in the new medium. Is our historical reverence for paint at all related to its visual structure?

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