Some Sense of Belonging and more art by Sam Illingworth

Some Sense of Belonging , 2021

This poem was created using verbatim responses to the Equality Impact Assessment (EIA) survey for the Digital Support Partnership (DSP) Project. Over the past year the DSP has been assessing and developing key learnings from the impact that COVID has had on digital support across the University’s learning and teaching provisions for both staff and students. In responding to the EIA survey, it is clear that many staff have been affected by the move to the online brough about by COVID, and that there are both challenges and opportunities that have been presented to people or individuals from across both protected characteristics and also more widely.

We are currently in the process of analysing the responses to the EIA survey, so that we can better understand how staff and students have been affected and the steps that we can take to help shape our learning and teaching post-COVID. There are many challenges that we need to address, but as the lines in this poem attest to, there are also opportunities that we must grasp hold of, to ensure that we are fully taking into consideration voices and needs from across the University.

In creating this poem, no identifying information was used, nor was any of the wording changed other than for syntax.


Sam Illingworth is an Associate Professor in Academic Practice in the Department of Learning and Teaching Enhancement. Part of his research involves using poetry to re-connect different facets of society. You can find out more about his work and research by visiting his website

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