Peer mentoring for students and alumni from the BA (Hons) Accounting suite of programmes and more art by Sarah Borthwick

Peer mentoring for students and alumni from the BA (Hons) Accounting suite of programmes, 2021

This submission recounts the implementation, successes and challenges of a peer mentoring scheme for students and alumni on the undergraduate suite of programmes. The scheme offered a further support network for students through working with their peers at a later stage of the programme. The mentors provided advice many aspects including finding information, expectations of different stages of the programme, modules / dissertation, assignments, referencing, managing the workload and career options. Many of these aspects support the student experience and are clearly linked to learning and teaching.


Sarah is a lecturer of Accounting in the Business School, and despite liking the subject of taxation, this does not make her a bad person! Alongside teaching and research interests, Sarah is involved in induction planning, the PDT and year tutor role, and more recently a peer mentoring scheme and the Employability Skills Programme. In her free time, Sarah enjoys shopping, especially for shoes despite running out of space to store around 200 pairs!

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