Extracting DNA from fruit at home and more art by Nicole Payton

Extracting DNA from fruit at home, 2021
75 x 100 cm (h x w)

This is a screenshot of a Padlet on the Genes & Inheritance Moodle site. Students posted their pictures of DNA extracted from fruit. Usually, our level 8 Life science students would do two laboratory experiments. As this was not possible, we brought the lab experience ‘home’ to the students. When on campus, they would do the extraction using a vague protocol, which they would critically evaluate afterwards. This year we asked them to write their own protocol, carry out the extraction at home according to their protocol and post the picture of the extracted DNA on the Padlet. The students were assessed on the quality of their protocol and the picture they posted. They did incredibly well in this task. The students absolutely loved it and were grateful for the experience. More importantly, students did not miss out on valuable protocol design and lab skills.


Nicole Payton is a lecturer in Biomedical Science. She is originally from Germany where she got her BSc equivalent from the University of Heidelberg. She got an MRes in Molecular Biology from Dundee University and an MSc in Forensic Science from Staffordshire University. Apart from having lived in Germany and Scotland she spent four years in Portugal enjoying the sun and beaches (when not working). She is an avid knitter and has a huge collection of shawls, scarves and jumpers.

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