Developing Academic Literacies for International MSc students and more art by Joan McLatchie

Developing Academic Literacies for International MSc students, 2021
75 x 100 cm (h x w)

In January 2020 Edinburgh Napier University introduced a new Extended MSc in Global Hospitality Management. As we were expecting enrolment to comprise mainly international students, we integrated a non-credit bearing module, designed to support these students in adapting to the cultural academic expectations of a UK HEI.
Students were required to create a guide containing recommendations for effective learning and assessment strategies, which would be useful for future students on the programme. The guide should contain three main sections:
• Key recommendations for future students
• Pitfalls that it is easy to fall into
• How to check your approach to a module assessment is correct
This video (10:51 minutes long) was submitted for assessment. In it, the students explain how the module benefitted them in adjusting to the challenges of their programme.

The headings and time stamps below will help you to navigate through the video.
Key recommendations (0:00-4:43)
1. Engage with the lessons (0:23)
2. Keep up to date with the weekly tasks (1:43)
3. Check the feedback from the tasks (3:04)

Pitfalls (4:44-7:02)
1. Allow plentiful time for assessments (5:19)
2. Don’t take the module for granted (5:52)
3. Don’t assume all Module Leaders have the same expectations (6:18)

Checking your approach (7:03-10:51)
1. Read the Module Guide and refer to the Marking Criteria (7:50)
2. Always listen to the Module Leader expectations (8:42)
3. Attend the face-to-face assessment sessions (9:35)


Dr Joan McLatchie is a Senior Lecturer at Edinburgh Napier University, and a Senior Fellow of the HEA. Her subject specialism is Hospitality and Business Events, but she also teaches Academic Skills and Literacies. She leads on Learning & Teaching for her subject group, and is an active member of the University’s Learning & Teaching network. Joan has a keen interest in pedagogy, specifically in relation to inclusivity, online education and student experience. She also leads on staff development activities, and is currently a committee member of the association for Scottish Higher Education Developers (SHED).

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