How to create a webpage using Mahara ePortfolio and more art by Sharron Vass

How to create a webpage using Mahara ePortfolio, 2021

As part of a coursework assignment for 3rd year Biomedical students, I asked them to design a scientific webpage. It took a long time to find a suitable platform to do this, as it had to be secure, internal facing, and easy to use. Mahara ePortfolio is available on Moodle, and has recently been updated. By asking students to share a ‘secret URL’ with me, I could view and assess their work. Both student and external examiner feedback has been really positive about this assessment. Here is a tutorial on how.

Please note that this is a clip of the full resource, which can be viewed by following the link to the bottom right of this exhibition.


Dr Sharron Vass is a lecturer in Biomedical Sciences at Edinburgh Napier University. She is interested in combining scientific communication and creativity.

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