Engaged digital classroom and more art by Simone Kurtzke

Engaged digital classroom , 2021

This is an animation in the form of a promo / ‘ad’ that incorporates marketing students’ anonymous feedback from this year’s module evaluation surveys, for modules delivered entirely online. I wanted to show that the digital classroom isn’t ‘inferior’ to F2F because what engages and motivates students is independent from the delivery channel.


Simone Kurtzke is a former digital industry pro-turned marketing lecturer at Edinburgh Napier University. She worked in digital agencies in London before becoming VisitScotland’s first ever Social Media Manager in 2011, and where her ‘Shetland Ponies in Cardigans’ campaign went viral back in 2013. Originally from Germany, Simone has lived and worked in the UK since 2000. Her teaching aims to bridge the gap between marketing theory and practice, to ensure that marketing education is aligned with the needs of industry and business. Simone loves teaching herself new things and feels very lucky that in digital this comes with the territory.

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