China Triptych-Reflections (Triptych Part 1 of 3) and more art by Imi Dencer-Brown

China Triptych-Reflections (Triptych Part 1 of 3), 2021
75 x 100 cm (h x w)

DLTE’s international module on learning and teaching has been running since October 2019. A research project on the impact of the module on students’ practice, with reflections from the teaching team has allowed us to evaluate the module for its improvement. An audio of reflections from the first year and the first part of the second year is presented as per the feedback from students and outcomes of the workshop and reflective writing carried out by the team.


Imi Dencer-Brown is both a lecturer in education and marine biologist, with a passion for mixed methods research spanning social-ecological and pedagogical fields of research. She is a strong advocate for women in STEM and works on decolonising the curriculum with various projects. She is a published author in both fields and is currently writing a book on lessons learned in lockdown. Imi has a strong interest in poetry, digital art and spirituality. She has written an entry for this Year's Big Read at Napier and her artwork has been published by UNEP and WIOMSA.

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