Wonky Pendant 1 and more art by Laura Kay Whiticar Darvill

Wonky Pendant 1
23 x 15 x 1 inch (h x w x d)
USD 350
for sale

About nine years ago, I discovered an interest in making jewelry. I began by attending a marvelous place in the Blue Ridge Mountains in Northern Georgia named William Holland Lapidary School of the Arts. Their week-long classes are still the highlight of my year. In addition, I have participated in many classes and workshops locally and nationally. There is a variety of processes that can be incorporated into making jewelry. After participating in quite a few classes in various methods, I realize two of the areas especially captured my interest: wire wrapping and silver metal clay. I have two main objectives in my jewelry making. First, I enjoy creating and implementing new designs!! The potential is limitless!! Secondly, it is always a pleasure when people come up and tell me how much they enjoy wearing my jewelry. Sometimes they seek me out at an event to show me they are wearing some of “my” jewelry. Frequently they will explain how they have specific outfits they wear or occasions they attend wearing my jewelry. If they feel special, then I do also! I feel quite honored to have my jewelry available at Geoffrey Smith’s Gallery and Studio and at the Emporium at the Elliott Museum. My exhibits include The Palm Room in Harbour Bay Plaza, The Arts Council exhibits, SOBO Gallery in Winter Garden, Florida, The Endangered Species Show, and The Elliott Museum winter exhibit. This past fall I received an Award of Merit from AMCAW which is an international organization for metal clay artists. As one of my friends said, “You are obsessed with this, aren’t you?” Mmmmmm. Perhaps!

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