Virtual, interactive lab tour and more art by Amy Poole

Virtual, interactive lab tour, 2021
75 x 100 cm (h x w)

This is a draft iteration of a 360o immersive learning package, showcasing a simple laboratory procedure. It allows students the opportunity to experience one of Napier’s research laboratories and, also observe and interact with a few basic scientific techniques associated with this environment. This package will direct students around the lab, showcase the practical technique and include questions to promote engagement and reinforce learning. Virtual reality is an emerging technology in the field of teaching and has not yet been fully considered as a teaching tool in the School of Applied Sciences. Research shows that virtual reality can be an engaging way for students to learn. This is an exemplar package to show that this type of technology can assist in immersion learning and help learners acclimatise to, or experience an environment that is inaccessible, unfamiliar and, sometimes, frightening. The package is designed to work on all devices, as well as Oculus VR headsets, which will be used to complement, and enrich on-campus teaching.

Please click on the link to take the tour.


The package was developed in collaboration between Amy Poole, a lecturer in Biomedical Science (ENU), Chris McKenzie, Head of Digital Education Unit, and Kacper Lyszkiewicz Senior Digital Education Advisor in the Edinburgh Medical School (both UoE). Amy has been lecturing at ENU since 2010 and has a keen interest in embedding research in teaching, getting students interested in key laboratory techniques and concepts. In his role, Chris reviews, develops and grows the provision of technology-enhanced teaching and learning and Kacper has extensive experience of developing online learning resources. He is particularly interested in the interplay of design methods and findings of cognitive psychology and their effect on learner engagement.

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