COVID Sport, Ex & Health TV (Technician Videos) and more art by Russell Wilson

COVID Sport, Ex & Health TV (Technician Videos), 2021
100 x 200 cm (h x w)

The COVID pandemic resulted in our students not being able to gain access to the Sport, Exercise and Health Sciences (SEHS) Laboratories. To try and limit the negative effect on student experience the laboratory technicians created videos demonstrating the correct procedure on entering the labs, in depth lab practical material (relating to module content), field testing and equipment SOPs. Student feedback was sought on how to best improve upon these videos and further utilise them when lab practical/testing can fully resume. The videos have proven to be a valuable learning resource for the students, providing visual context to the missing practical aspect of the course. A virtual bank of more than 70 videos has now been created with many students commenting on their value both now and after they return to the labs.


The SEHS Labs are run, supervised and maintained by a team of 3. The team consists of Marina Mocogni (Senior Technician), and two lab technicians Neil Guthrie and Russell Wilson. The team have worked together for 5 years after Neil joined in 2016. Neil is a former undergraduate and postgraduate student graduating in 2010. Marina has worked for Edinburgh Napier for more than 365 years first working in various sections within the school before taking on the role as senior technician within SEHS. Russell started in 2004 working as a trainee technician whilst studying the undergraduate course part time.

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