Managing the Management to Engage in Educational Leadership and more art by Katrina Swanton/Eva Malone/Stephen Yorkstone

Managing the Management to Engage in Educational Leadership, 2021
100 x 75 cm (h x w)

This sketchnote, by Katrina Swanton, captures the process of developing our Programme Roadmap to support Programme Leadership. While still in early use the tool has helped me “manage the management so I could focus on educational leadership”. The team behind it were invited to present at the QAA enhancement theme, Programme Leadership: Strengthening Resilience, Supporting Learning Communities, to share our collaborative approach joining programme leadership and lean management. You can watch our presentation at the link below. To get to where we are now required help and Adam Satur was a key contributor bringing their expertise and talents to the project. We used the DLTE Programme Leaders Checklist as a reference point and were also supported by colleagues within the programme team and Life Sciences group with encouragement and constructive feedback. The process of generating this was as valuable, if not more, than the end product, our Programme Roadmap.


Dr Eva Malone is a Programme Leader of the Biological Sciences Undergraduate Suite in the School of Applied Sciences. She is passionate about Immunology and Education and loves working with and learning from others outwith her discipline.
Stephen Yorkstone is Napier’s Business Improvement Consultant, in Information Services. A facilitator and coach, he Chairs the global community of practice Lean HE, Chairs the International Association of Facilitators Scotland, and writes when he can.

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