Module Organization & Interactive Teaching "Novel Technologies" - Student Feedback and more art by Donald Morrison

Module Organization & Interactive Teaching "Novel Technologies" - Student Feedback, 2021
75 x 100 cm (h x w)

CoVID lockdown both prompted and enabled the introduction of "novel technologies" into my module. A module weekly planner based on the template provided by DLTE was used to keep both students and myself on track. The TurningPoint app was used for frequent questions throughout the class and for start and end of class quizes. Google Drive was used to make WebEx breakout rooms both manageable and enjoyable. Student feedback from the module evaluation survey provides evidence that these novel technologies were well received.


Donald Morrison, a public health microbiologist for 20 years and a lecturer in microbiology for 6 years, feels he has now, with the help of novel technologies, begun to get a handle on teaching.

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