A Day in the life of Academic during Pandemic and more art by Emilia Sobolewska/Richard Callaghan/Bernadeta Liucija Venckute/Joanna Hagan/Shika Coley

A Day in the life of Academic during Pandemic, 2021
300 x 100 cm (h x w)

The poster is a tongue in cheek representation of expectations vs the reality of delivering online classes, with a special emphasis on showcasing the diversity in the student population, their attitudes and personal circumstances. The Artistic Team reflected upon their own experiences, as well as the stories supplied by their peers. The work celebrates overcoming everyday hurdles associated with remote learning during the difficult times of pandemic.


The work was developed by a group of excellent students and academics:
Richard Callaghan, who likes to combine past experiences and knowledge to create engaging content to share and document human experiences, otherwise known as 'some bloke from Edinburgh who likes to say aye to stuff'
Bernadeta Liucija Venckute, spending her life so far trying to connect art and science and make a place for herself under the sun where she'd be able to enjoy both those things simultaneously
Joanna Hagan, trying to find an outlet to balance logic with creative madness.
Shika Coley, draws and takes inspiration from her own and her colleague's experiences to express their vision of what education has been over the past year during the pandemic.
Under the Creative Direction of Dr Emilia Sobolewska, an art curator, trapped in a body of a simple architect of future interactions.

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