Padlet for scaffolding learning & reflective writing (Triptych Part 3 of 3) and more art by Ingeborg van Knippenberg

Padlet for scaffolding learning & reflective writing (Triptych Part 3 of 3), 2021

Part of the China Triptych. This is a poster overview of how we use Padlet to support our students' learning and our experience of this so far. Our students are lecturers at our partner institution in China and the first part of our module is focused on reflective writing and reflective practice. We scaffold their learning throughout the module by asking them to note their thoughts in response to our questions on a Padlet. They each work on their own personal version version of this Padlet (generated automatically, accessed through a Moodle plug in). They can then use this collection of their thoughts to prepare their summative submission at the end of the module.


Ingeborg van Knippenberg has a background in biosciences research and joined the Department for Learning and Teaching Enhancement at Napier in October 2019. She is teaches on DLTE programmes and leads the mentoring side of ENroute. She would express her interests in education mostly as questions (what is the raison d'être of universities? why do we lecture?), loves drilling down to the essence of any issue, and is keen to develop more experience in using peer feedback, inner feedback and ungrading.

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