Developing online placement resources to support students and more art by Deborah Callister

Developing online placement resources to support students, 2021

The number of students undertaking a placement as part of their degree programme across Edinburgh Napier University is increasing. Effective placement support allows us to prepare all our students to search, apply and secure a placement ensuring students all have equal access to resources. Digital support for students was always key priority, this has become even more important as our student services have had to adapt to teaching online because of the impact of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. One way in which this was achieved was through the launch and development of our digital Student Futures Career Hub (Edinburgh Napier ( which uses the Abintegro platform. Abintegro is the most widely adopted platform by UK universities for developing student employability and ensuring informed career decision making.


Deborah is the Student Futures Placement Manager at Edinburgh Napier University and overseas the delivery and management of placements across the Business School, School of Applied Sciences, School of Computing, School of Arts and Creative Industries and the School of Engineering and the Built Environment.

Deborah is a current ASET Director/Trustee with ASET the Work Based and Placement Learning Association established to advance the prevalence, effectiveness and quality of work based and placement learning in Higher Education.

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