Lumps and Bumps (contains explicit content) and more art by Avril Hendry

Lumps and Bumps (contains explicit content), 2021


The matching game was used as part of the Genitourinary Medicine module which has a clinical focus for nurses wishing to specialise in sexual health. Being faced with various ‘Lumps and Bumps’ can be challenging as a practitioner as there are so many causes and they can be a source of diagnostic anxiety for our students (and patients…). In addition, the restrictions with COVID-19 meant that course placements to the specialist sexual health services had to be shortened. Therefore, I designed the matching game to allow students to become familiar with some common presentations and help prepare them for clinical practice. The game was accompanied with a tutorial which provided more detail around clinical features, diagnosis and management. It was well received by the students who found it both fun and educationally valuable- it’s certainly a twist on the matching games of childhood!


Avril Hendry is a lecturer in the School of Health and Social Care who is a mental health nurse by background with experience of working and teaching in sexual health. She has taught in secondary schools, further education and has now worked in higher education for several years, she uses this experience to explore new ways to engage students and help to contextualise learning for clinical practice.

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