Student Playlists and more art by Avril Hendry

Student Playlists, 2021

The use of personalised playlists is championed by the Dementia charity Playlist for Life as person-centred approach to care and an alternative to medication. I was keen to incorporate this into the undergraduate nursing program and secured access to their specialised training for the students, but I took this one step further with one of our mental health groups and asked them to create their own Playlist for Life. I wanted them to think about the impact music has had in their own lives and the memories it evokes so they could appreciate how important this could be to help access precious memories for patients who may have dementia. I was initially met with some groans and scepticism but the response has been overwhelmingly positive with students reflecting on the benefits for nursing practice as well as the cathartic effects that many of them experienced when putting together their playlists.


Avril Hendry is a lecturer in the School of Health and Social Care who is a mental health nurse by background with experience of working and teaching in sexual health. She has taught in secondary schools, further education and has now worked in higher education for several years, she uses this experience to explore new ways to engage students and help to contextualise learning for clinical practice.

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