Student Transition into Napier and more art by Debbie Meharg

Student Transition into Napier, 2021

The poster represents the work of the Associate Student Project in Computing and Engineering, investigating the impact of moving the interventions to support our associate student and direct-entrant student body online.
Framed by Davis (1989) Technology Acceptance Model and with a peer focus, surveys were distributed online while focus groups with participants take place in the coming weeks. The work is on-going however the main outcome will be a Moodle site template and recommendations for future engagement with direct-entry students before transition. The poster was created by Nailah and Rory our students who are adding valuable insight to the project.


The Associate Student team are made up of Debbie Meharg (ASP Lead), Khristin Fabian (Researcher SoC), Carole Mooney (Widening Participation) and two student ambassadors Nailah Qadir (SoC) and Rory Harkness (Engineering). Nailah is a 3rd year Digital Media and Interaction Design student who has used her design skills to create the poster.

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