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Manage your art in the cloud, all in one place. Access artwork details from any device. Publish your art in virtual exhibitions or create beautiful PDFs with one click.

The top-rated tool to Manage, organise & present Art with...

An easy to use solution

Make use of our simple interface and get started straight away.

Limitless flexibility

Access and manage your art from anywhere on every device.

All types of media

We support sound installations, 3D animations, sculptures and more.

Easy to use interface

Easy to use and intuitive interface.

ART.DEPOT is designed to make it as easy as possible to upload, manage and use your art throughout all all KUNSTMATRIX services and tools.

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works on any device

Take your art with you on any device.

  • Keep an overview on your inventory at any time.
  • Make use of your tagging, sorting and filtering system to further optimize your workflow.
  • Showcase your art in true to scale, no matter where you are.
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Simple. Fast. User-Friendly.

Have a look at our short tutorial on how to use the basic functions of the ART.DEPOT. We also offer a wide range of other tutorials and guides on how to use our tools.

Everything you need in one place

Everything you need in one place.

Once uploaded, your art is available in all your tools.

  • Create PDF catalogs for your exhibitions or clients.
  • Present your art in 3D exhibitions or extend the experience by making use of our augmented reality features.
  • Track and manage your related cases with the help of ART.OFFICE.


3D Exhibitions

The virtual tool to to curate, present and archive artworks in outstanding 3D exhibitions.

Art.Augmented App

3D Art App

Present art at any place without any logistics with our Augmented Reality technology. Get the App for iOS or Android.


Inventory Management

Organize and categorize art and track the state of your complete portfolio.


Sales Management

Manage contacts, art, activities and sales with our customer-relationship management system.



Limited Features

no public 3D Exhibition




Storage for 50 works of art

5 public 3D Exhibitions




Storage for 250 works of art

10 public 3D Exhibitions




Storage for 500 works of art

50 public 3D Exhibitions



Customization, Services and
Enterprise Solutions

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