That Lucky Old Sun and more art by Dan Mackin

That Lucky Old Sun, 2004
20 x 30 x 1.5 inch (h x w x d)
USD 480
Acrylic on canvas
for sale

Brian Wilson Collaboration
Brian Wilson is a legendary songwriter, singer, producer and concert performer of the most cherished music in our history. His music has single handedly created the California surf lifestyle. He is a member of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and the Songwriter’s Hall of Fame. Brian’s lifetime of music has touched generations of people around the world.
Dan Mackin is a world-renowned artist who has captured his memories of travels to the Caribbean, Bahamas, South Pacific, Asia and the Amazon River. An accomplished surfer and sailor, he was elected to the Surfing Hall of Fame in 2001. Dan’s work takes us all on a journey to paradise every time his brush touches a canvas, surfboard, guitar, Harley tank or piano.
A longtime friend and publisher said to him: “Brian Wilson sings about places where we all want to go, and you lived that lifestyle and paint those same places. You should work together.”
After several meetings with agents, lawyers and publicists, Brian and Dan collaborated on 8 songs over the period of 6 years and have published over 3,000 fine art reproductions of these paintings.

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other works by Dan Mackin

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30 x 40 x 1.5 inch (h x w x d)
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