Allotrope 02 and more art by Ben Sheppee

Allotrope 02, 2021
40 x 30 x 1 cm (h x w x d)
GBP 388
for sale

Ben Sheppee’s digitally composed images explore the deconstructive process while examining the forcing of accidental errors and the aesthetics that live there. Commonly involving typography, Sheppee investigates the dysfunctional nature of communication by exploring the challenges in language, and these ineffective explanations have grown to become an underlying theme in much of his work. For him, choosing to avoid legibility is a response to the recognition of the pitfalls in language; its meaning often misunderstood, taken out of context or emotionally misplaced.

Ben Sheppee (b.1978, Bristol, UK) has been part of the visuals and AR scene for over twenty years. Often looking to interfere with digital processes and explore deconstructed aesthetics, processes have included contaminating developer liquids and damaging slides to create ‘broken’ visuals. Always looking to dissect and interpret, he’s frequently finding hidden beauty between the balance of natural forms and digital clarity.
Sheppee has exhibited his work extensively, with venues including Tate Britain, ICA, San Francisco MOMA and The National Portrait Gallery. Recent projects include a site-specific installation involving projecting his work onto historical buildings in King’s Lynn, which is due to be restaged in November 2021 to coincide with UN Climate Change Conference COP26.

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