Edits & Omissions #171116 and more art by Anne Stagg

Edits & Omissions #171116, 2019
24 x 24 x 2 inch (h x w x d)
USD 2 800
Acrylic on canvas
for sale

Hometown: Tallahassee

The white surface in Edits & Omissions references the now obsolete idea of 'white out' - of ways that we retract or call back certain ideas through editing. In the hands of an average person, a bottle of white out is innocent, but what happens when it is in the hands of power? There is great danger in this because power lies with too few and the histories, we are taught are heavily edited and full of omissions. What is absent is as important as what we are shown.
Background & process - These paintings were inspired by the global refugee crisis. I imagined what it would be like to leave everything you know for the chance to survive. With this in mind, I went into my studio and edited away a painting that I had been working on for some time. It was an empathetic gesture and I never intended for it to become a new body of work. I left and when I came back to the studio instead of finding a white canvas there were so many traces of the previous work, like visual shrapnel or flotsam and jetsam telling the story of a catastrophic event. I was drawn to these residual marks and to the lost story, lost history buried beneath, and I began to paint over my other paintings. Each painting in this series was first a completed work in my catalog of paintings that has been eliminated, or rather changed. This loss cannot compare to the global suffering I witness in the world around me. Instead, they are markers and reminders to look more closely, consider more deeply, and exist less selfishly. They are meditations about the world I want to see, and they invite the viewer to take a closer look and reflect on what is missing.

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