Tamiami Mosaic and more art by Nancy Smith

Tamiami Mosaic
32 x 32 x 0.3 inch (h x w x d)
cotton batik fabric
not for sale

Hometown: Belleview, FL
"I grew up in Miami, FL. When my family visited the Seminole Indian village in Dania, FL or the one on the Tamiami Trail, I was fascinated with the ladies making Seminole patchwork with torn strips of colorful fabric. I was especially amazed that it was made on hand-cranked sewing machines in a Chickee hut that did not have electricity. Sometimes I would see the Seminole ladies wearing their colorful patchwork skirts at the grocery store.
I also loved the beach. “Tamiami Mosaic” combines multi-colored patchwork strips with aqua-blue strips of patchwork representing the ocean."

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