Dwell and more art by Alejandro Thornton

Dwell, 2020
110 x 60 cm (h x w)
for sale

[ IVLA - Honorable Mention ]

The work presented is part of the Poetics series where I have been working around the photographic image, the video, and the word. These works place their field of action in the territory of experimental poetry through the appropriation, intervention and re-meaning of images and language. In their different devices, the works emphasize a type of communication that we can identify as paragrammatical and that does not necessarily depend on logical verbal thought but is activated through verbal and visual associations and dissociations; looking for unexpected and implicit meanings that arise that modify the reading/observation levels contributing new ways of thinking. Today we could say that the time of the "Revolution" (as we understood it in the 20th century) seems to have ended. Not so the desire and the current urgency of social transformation. But the new practices of change cannot be developed within the framework of the old ideas of revolution. A new reference imaginary is necessary. A new constellation. Other images of change, commitment, conflict, organization, antagonism, etc. "Dwell" tries to enroll within that line. Images for a revolution that does not seek to take over a center (center of power, the center of knowledge), but neither install itself on the margins or the periphery, but blur the difference between the two, for a people that no longer seeks to govern or be governed, but to become and remain ungovernable.


Currently, my line of work revolves around language and writing such as drawing, seeking to create new systems of use to the modes of representation, and the existing formal structures. Working on the conventions which set the languages, namely the agreements in the ways in which we communicate among us and between us and the objects and references that represent our area daily to produce the uniqueness and develop new meanings. Basically it is a grab of all codes of culture, of all formalizations of everyday life, and making them work differently.

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