"Light at Race Point" and more art by Ed Walsh

"Light at Race Point", 2020
18 x 24 inch (h x w)
USD 1 800
# Acrylic # canvas
for sale

Late Afternoon Reflected Light at Race Point. Here the Atlantic Meets Cape Cod Bay

more from HomePort Virtual Gallery

Partners, 2020
14 x 18 inch (h x w)
# Acrylic # canvas

Artist Statement

Morning Hues, 2019
24 x 30 inch (h x w)
# Acrylic on canvas

Days End At Captain Jacks, 2018
20 x 20 inch (h x w)
# Acrylic on canvas

Captain Jacks Beach Reflection, 2018
16 x 20 inch (h x w)
# Acrylic on canvas


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