"Sometimes She Cries" from the project "Growing Pains" and more art by Jo Chukualim

"Sometimes She Cries" from the project "Growing Pains"
h = 250 cm

Jo Chukualim is a UK-based artist whose work interrogates the idea of identity and its connection with psychology and mental health. Jo often works with the photographic image to reveal abstract thoughts and realities provoked by varying forms of psychosis. Her work draws inspiration from her background in both the arts and sciences to develop new forms of communication and engagement, inviting the viewer to consider different ways of being.

'Growing pains' is a mental health photographic project, which explores the adult psyche as it navigates the remnants of childhood trauma through the use of portraiture, still life and abstract imagery.

Instagram: @jochukualim_art + @jochukualim_photo

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