When We Are Out of Balance and more art by Larissa Blokhuis

When We Are Out of Balance
h = 230 cm
Digital image/text

Larissa's parents each immigrated to Canada as children, from Nederland and Jamaica.  They met and married in Toronto, then moved to Calgary, where she was born and raised.  

In 2008, Larissa completed her BFA with a major in glass at the Alberta University of the Arts (formerly ACAD).  In 2009, she moved to the coast to take a job as a glassblower on Granville Island.  After establishing a presence in her new community, Larissa began pursuing opportunities throughout Western Canada.  Her experience includes public art sculpture, creating interactive arts events, curation, an extensive exhibition history, and teaching.

In 2019, Larissa gave herself terrifying improv classes as a birthday present, and found a welcoming and supportive new community to explore. She has performed a handful of times with her Blind Tiger classmates, and at open mics around Vancouver. Her performance plans were cancelled for 2020, so she switched her focus to writing and digital image creation. Larissa is interested in a diverse range of topics, including nature, politics, psychology, and history.

Instagram: @larissa.blokhuis
Facebook: LarissaBlokhuisArt
Patreon: LarissaBlokhuis

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